Monday, September 21, 2015

New Territory

Bike/walk path through vast vineyards
Fascinating to watch the highs and the lows of this path. A new high appears to give one capacity for a new low and a new low appears to give one an opening for a step forward--and around the spiral staircase one goes. Contemplating the Pope's journey and walking provided an insight into how to move beyond tolerance and acceptance. The resonance of these two states doesn't match what I have experienced in recent inner events. The bar was moved inwardly, I was able to sit with this for a month, and now it appears the bar is meant to move outwardly. Now, to see what happens when applied in the three containers. My brain says ludicrous and my heart says a must. New territory. The ego layer has fear and doubt. The deeper layer looks forward to capacity building Absolute Love.

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