Saturday, September 5, 2015


Bodega Bay, California
Amazing countdown and transition to Hungary, etc. Check marks in a lot of areas. Wonderful to walk and talk with friends.  Two months each in Hungary and India, and then starting a riding/teaching job in Indio, California (January 2016). The ever shifting containers. Going to meet my new horse and try out a new training approach. The flow...

Intense lucid/dream experiences that without a doubt reverberate throughout my wake state. Thinning of the exterior scaffolding, but still able to function most of the time. I am constantly in awe of the mystery unfolding. The reflection from the outer world of the different place I live from internally is periodically tested and continues to gain ground as a state of being. The interaction in the outer world is the wave lapping onto the beach and then the return to the depth of the ocean. Spiritual teachings, stories, and insight from the various religions continue to support this transformation on a mental level. The wave of intense experiences feels like a call to India and a preparation for what transpires in the presence of the ashram. Then back out into the outer world to digest and find an equilibrium in the new awareness.

I constantly raise my hand to be a cave dweller, but it doesn't appear to be my design. The opportunity to travel and live in different countries is a privilege. Witnessing the day-to-day living, the vibration of each culture, and current affairs is fascinating. To observe the stream of refugees leaving Syria, traveling through Hungary, and finding their way to other countries for relief and hope. Who can blame them, but how to deal with the mass human migration?

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