Saturday, September 19, 2015


I looked at the statue and then I turned and looked at the sky...
My daily 2 hour walk to the Jesus statue is setting a lot in motion--madness in the presence of nature's beauty.

Timely article and a must read:

The Pope's Dark Night of the Soul

"The man or woman who consciously takes charge of his exile suffers a double loneliness," Bergoglio writes.

They are lonely amid the crowd, strangers in a strange land. But they also taste a spiritual loneliness, "the bitterness of solitude before God."

This isolation is felt most acutely in prayer, Bergoglio writes, when the exile sets himself apart from others -- in the quiet of a dark chapel, perhaps, before his brother Jesuits have awoken.

The exile also feels this isolation in prayer itself, when he contemplates the distance between his desires and God's plans.

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