Sunday, September 13, 2015


Dusk walk
From buckets to living containers at the moment. As I walk in the Hungarian container, contemplate the Indian container, and prepare for the work container in Southern California, I can finally grasp the simple coping mechanism of tolerance/acceptance. Each container has its bandwidth of living options, so I keep looking at how to stay in alignment with the spiritual path and t/a appears to be it. The ceaseless journey of the inner work. The thinning of the veil between the outer and inner state. Amazing the flood of shakti for twenty-four hours that followed this realization, but then back to trying to live from this point. No doubt more to come. I hear Gurudev's words of wisdom, "Let Go."

(My containers are chosen and with abundance while I continue to observe the current mass human migration. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, a very liberal point in the world and melting pot, I am not sure I would have understood intolerance and separation without so much world travel and living in a variety of countries and conditions. How to understand differences beyond a mental construct, my design appears to be to touch them. Do I grow or contract with this opportunity for capacity building? At least I have an approach and the freedom to shift containers if needed. My last container had an intolerable level of violence, so gratefully, I could step away.)

Day 6 Nador: longing with side reins, work in hand, flexions, 1/2 mounting. Made a mistake yesterday, so I see how careful I need to be.

Walking and running in the fields twice a day is wonderful. Enjoying working with part of the riding community and getting to examine my own evolution on the horse path. The work on the second book is continuing to weave in and out.

Night water and feed

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