Sunday, August 2, 2015


Photo from a very dear friend--nice timing!
So if it is all One, what is violence? As I examine it, I now perceive violence as an indicator for one's inner awareness and ability to feel love. At this point in the journey, I know that we are all connected by our inner state of Absolute Love and Truth, but the manifestation of it is often obscured. Understanding the true nature of violence and the range of its expression could have only come post teachings from the ashram. Gratitude.

While examining violence towards horses, I reflected upon the dog, the fish, the dying man, the elephant, the children, trash filled waterways etc. and knew there was something for me to better understand in the depths of violence. Capacity building 101! Now, compassion and forgiveness can be in the same space with it. Stubbornly (thank you warrior nature), I knew that I had the resources to find a link to Oneness through violence, but I had to move through the obscuration of ego, history, judgment, and familiarity. Yet another stone falling out of the sack I carry as I walk. Grace.

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