Friday, July 31, 2015

A Test Of The Heart

Of course I know that there is more work until there isn’t. ‘Bring It On' is always turned up, but I was curious the form it would take next. I have been marveling at how different it is to sit with violence to animals while being aware of the state of Absolute Truth and Love. The inner world is my survival point while the outer world is my pain point. I stepped away from my latest job, because of not wanting to be around violence to horses. But is this the way? Am I an enabler by raising my hand, speaking, and then stepping away? I was heard and examined, but the violence continues. I knew this was an option, so do I need to raise my hand higher? Or do the ripples from the pebble cast in the pond follow in a design that is beyond my capacity to know or understand?

My silent vow with the horses calls me to examine this carefully. The first book is a step and the second will be yet another step, but there must be more? How do the humans pay for their animals to be treated this way? Knowingly? Or unknowingly? How do the humans watch other people’s animals be treated this way? The person taking action is guilty, but aren’t the witnesses too? I am trying to have patience, tact, and compassion, but I am not sure the raised hand is observed when it is conveyed with rationale, inner calmness, and compassion. The depth of pain is present, but so is the depth of the Universe. The duality is mitigated by Oneness. I know they are sisters and brothers on the path. Gurudev has made it clear that animals have their destinies as well.

Is there more to do then to surrender to not knowing and find solace in that it is a test as an individuated soul to fly closer to the flame. What next? More lessons from the two-legged, but motivated by the four-leggeds. 


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Susan said...

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