Saturday, August 15, 2015


Evening walk in Modesto
Almond orchards are vacuumed in preparation of harvest
Marker one: a brief experience of the outer state and inner state matching, but still while functioning as a body. It was if another layer of the exoskeleton was peeled back. I have been asking what I could let go of to thin the separation of the inner and outer state. Nice opening to another state of being.

Marker two: a dream so graphic, so real, so powerful, so mind numbing, so inclusive of every aspect of my life, so... that I was dazed when I woke up. "Let go! You are the Self and in the lap of Divine guidance." was my only translation? It appears that my capacity for dreams has also shifted? Fascinating all of the access points to Source through our limited perception.

What next? No idea except that all roads appear to be leading towards a trip to India at the end of September.

Everything in storage, next job unknown, a window of time after teaching in Hungary, and the freedom to follow the magic carpet.

Hospital entrance

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