Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stop Trying To Climb

There is potentially a lot of ego in climbing. As I examine my next step, direction, and options, what do I see as an approach that tends to lead to pain? Climbing with my ego leading the way. I can better understand that trying to "be the best" led to some really cool knowledge, tools, and helped developed  self discipline and will, but not inner peace. Learning techniques and methods for the sake of humaneness, insight, and communication have led to stillness and a bridge to peace. As I reflect on the two part circle theory that Gurudev feels is representative of life, there is no linear path/climb. Patience, presence, and "Let Go!", since it is all part of a large cycle. A major part of the early belief system and scaffolding are ready for further remodeling. The ladder, roof top, and so on were metaphors.

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