Saturday, November 29, 2014

It Is Possible

Thank you Ultimo as part of the seedbed.
Over twenty years of development, but to witness the harmony between the horse and rider was well worth the journey. It is possible. The seeking led me to Europe, Africa, and India while using America as the foundational springboard. Jaz and a few other horses showed me it was possible to develop this vision of inner strength, flexibility, range of motion, integration, and fluidity. But the final test was could I teach someone to have the feel and timing to align and ride this harmonic state of the horse. Yes, it is possible. Will there be more? Or was it meant for solely integrating something in my soul's journey? Thank you Cathy and Sandoval for the opportunity to manifest at least one of the visions. Potentially, number two has appeared. Let's see what happens.

Decided to dive into the dancing once more. After peak season at the box loading job, I will train with a professional who is physically perfectly matched--size and feel. Unfinished business? Letting go at new depths into the exquisite nature of the outer world. Experiencing the outer world from this new inner awareness. Gurudev posed the potential state of "Heaven on Earth" shortly before my departure.

Examining the joy that abounds in a newish human relationship and the rekindling of relationships with family/friends. How different to experience all of this without a need or attachment, but as a point of human enjoyment and sharing of different living composites walking on the planet.

The Ecstasy Beyond Knowing
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
(Thank you Bhavani for this remarkable gift. It is providing more weaving material!)

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