Thursday, December 4, 2014

From The Trough To The Sandbox

     As I have moved from the watering trough to the human sandbox, I see the similar issues of unconsciousness, cruelty, poor management, and more. Five years ago, I was intently examining the pain of humans with horses and now, I am examining the pain of humans with humans. Women, children, and animals are often the more defenseless victims, but I see that we are all held hostage in our egoic states of unconsciousness. Living requires discernment, self examination, and alignment to right action. We are so mired in our stories and justification for action/reaction that there often appears no middle ground. The inward place of peace appears to be the only true contact to the middle way. This lesson plays over and over.

     As issues around sexual harassment, bullying, greed, and more continue to appear in the outer walk, where does one ultimately draw the line? Even while living with a continual inner awareness of Source, the outer world bumps, laps, pokes, and prods--the walk on the path is relentless.

     Yet another crack in my warrior nature is emerging. Walking with an inner sense of Source is one step, but walking/living in alignment with the sense of Source is yet another step. The self examination begins anew. My shoelace is not caught in the escalator now. My shoe laces are tied and I am willingly, relentlessly wanting to merge more deeply with Source as I except being human in whatever the exterior state involves. A transition from an idea and sense to a state of being. It isn't just about restricting the ego--it is much deeper. Taking every aspect of this self I know as Sue and continuing to refine, and turn every available surface to yet another stage of attunement.

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