Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Safety Net

(and spiritually...)
The fear of going deeper was yet another mental construction. I wondered if there was some sort of safety net, so when I let go without needing to have confirmation, it appears to have given me the answer. The path unfolds in relationship to my design and capacity. Faith in the letting go opens the door to something new. The appropriate "answer" is always available as part of the wisdom in the fabric of Source. This feels like a safety net of sorts or what I have felt as the Divine Womb. Knowing this has allowed a new sense of freedom for both realms to continue to emerge as needed. Today is the first day the voice showed up while loading boxes, not unlike my walks in India. Fun! Spiritual growth and integration while in motion.

The place I ride from is deeper than where I experience most people. Riders talk about wanting to connect with their horse partners, but they need to work on their scratchiness to do this. Animals are so patient. Selfseeds still has many possibilities.

The first book, "Through The Eyes Of The Horse" is in the countdown stages to be submitted to a publishing house. The second book has begun in ernest.

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