Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two Legged Experiment

     Immersing myself in the two-legged world minus a four-legged shield is proving to be remarkable. As a race, we tend to want to spiral, hang on, lash out, self medicate, climb over one another, and more. It would be easy to fall down and stay down in this layer of humanity. The journey to move through this and to know one's self as Source is quite single pointed.

     Examining multiplicity, simplicity, fullness, and emptiness which all aid in feedback for piercing the layers/veils/states to equanimity/inner peace. I have still harbored some suspicion around detachment as a place of uncaring and inaction, but not tethering my self to anything has proven to be quite freeing while still caring and taking action. Walking between the scaffolded and unscaffolded state is all part of this learning curve. Balancing the wrenching desire to submerge one's self in this place behind the mind where the heart is the master and meeting the requirements of living with a body on the planet: slowly learning how it is all one and the same. Stepping out of my comfort zone and into the two-legged world has continued to support my spiritual evolution. Giggle--of course! Hands off the steering wheel 101. The necessity of duality to uncover unity. The perfection of the Design. Pranam. 

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