Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zealandia, Wellington, New Zealand

High tech. fence as a boundary.

Zealandia--is this the way of the future to secure land for the "other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants, insects,etc...." who coexist on the planet?  A group of private investors rallied together to create a living, preserved ecosystem that reflects what was the nature of New Zealand in the Wellington area.  Tourism primarily finances the sanctuary and it is close to the city, so it is accessible and a constant opportunity for educating the public.  In some ways, New Zealand is potentially a living preserved ecosystem, but unfortunately, it has been heavily infected by the white man burning, building, and importing not compatible mammalians.  

Interesting for me to observe the Earth from the side of abundance, conservation, and hope vs. over population, scarcity, and desire.  There still is no answer or solution, but in the meantime, grace prevails for this window into another facet of living.  The underlying fabric of Source is pulling me inward from yet another perspective.

Fun to have two kiwi sighting and a few other endangered animals. Stirring to contemplate their place in evolution. Would it be useful or desirable to know and understand the bigger picture? Would I be searching for just an answer? 

Next stop the South Island. Enjoying tracing the cruise ship's path from the land going in the opposite direction. 

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