Sunday, November 10, 2013

Milford and Dusty Sounds, New Zealand

Breathtaking beauty.  After spending just 3 days at sea, it is remarkable to consider the early explorers and people at sea for months while passing from one continent to another.  Another way of life for sure. Getting use to running on the treadmill while it bobs with the swells of the ocean.  It could be the beginning of another fitness craze--stability while running or walking.  Nothing like viewing dolphins and whales while exercising.  Maybe not too different than watching camels, elephants, and cows wandering by the window while I am on the stationary bike in India? All relative I suppose. Magnificence in the diversity, simplicity, and what we make of it.  The journey is a continued privilege of following an unexpected opportunity.  Even more choices and a better understanding of the global picture.  Thank you!

(two short videos below)

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