Monday, November 4, 2013

Cruising: Sydney to Auckland

(Video clip below.  For some reason, this clip turned out really well--maybe need to sell it to the cruise line--giggle.)

Ok, Tammy and I thought we were on a good sized ferry until we turned the corner and saw "the ship."  To give you some idea of the scale, it won't fit under the Sydney Bridge.

Interesting reactions from me on the spiral staircase as I stood in line for boarding: 1) locked in the birth box/claustrophobia when I walked down the aisle to the room which doesn't have a window or access to the outside world, 2) examining the golden cage and having some disgust for gluttony, (in a month I will be on my way to "the pink" room in India), and 3) experiencing masses of two-leggeds at feeding time (or at a religious site, or at the zoo, or...).  Thank you Universe for the opportunity to chip on plaque that is still sticking on my Sueness--wheelbarrow dusted off and headed to the surrender pile.

12 hours later, I have embraced the claustrophobia (but understand how people drowned inside the Titanic), have gratitude for the healthy, abundant selection of food, gym, and attention to service, and look forward to observing/interacting with the 3,200 passengers.

Part One of the trip has been like a warm-up for the Amazing Race, but filled with laughter, bonuses from getting off track, and glee from observing so many facets of nature's beauty.

Now onto Part Two--the cruise. (Internet service will be spotty the next 12 days.) 

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