Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Crown Jewel of New Zealand? Milford Sound

Every day has been like Pandora's Box--a jewel per day, but Milford Sound may be the crown jewel. Stunning in every turn like the polished, cuts of a gem.  The deep inner sense of awe and humility appeared again as I experienced it at Mt. Cook.  Is it the age of the massive stone structures gracing the landscape?  The steepness and powerful presence of the fjord's nature?  The measurable relationship of being a speck in their presence?

Home now and we took some time to stop by the San Francisco Bay and gaze at its beauty.  Fun to consider its expansiveness and where it touched the shores of New Zealand.  What a trip!  The magic carpet is docking for a short while and then off for the next adventure.

Thank you for the opportunity to share through photos and iMovies.

(short video below)

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