Thursday, June 20, 2013

Face To Face With My Self

It is a bit disarming to sense that your self is the only thing in the way to the Self.  Does one take the self in the wheelbarrow to the surrender pile?  The self is coming to life with this prospect and it is kicking up lots of old dust--lack of worthiness, pain of never being socially attractive, no love of self, and more--the deep, deep stuff where cracks start to form.   I have been sitting with this and just letting it run its course. Today, I experienced a moment where the reference I have as the Divine engulfed the self and there was no separation.  How could I not love my self if it is the Divine? There appears to be no more case for the self to argue, but the integration will probably take the meantime, the alignment to Absolute Truth and Love was present.  Thank you for the confirmation.

The timeliness of getting to know my birth parents has filled in that tear in the fabric.  It no longer can be a point of separation used in my story.  Thank you for the perfection.

Virtual Selfseeds is almost ready for launching, so I have been making videos, rebranding old Selfseed videos (facelift), and experiencing the effects of Selfseeds on my own life.  Ideas for videos sort of just appear not unlike the voice making suggestions.  My process is to have a theme and then to sit and talk about it.  There is no script--only what arises.  As I am getting more comfortable with being behind the camera, I have wanted the verbal alignment to feel like where I come from in the blog.  The blog is some of my deepest manifestation of external communication.

While I was thinking about Selfseeds Emotions, the idea to make a video sharing my current thoughts around the adoption arose.  As I turned the camera off from the taping session, the tears came and I realized this was my voice for Selfseeds.  Thank you for the guidance.


Selfseeds Emotions Adoption 

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