Thursday, June 27, 2013

Building The Community Garden For Selfseeds

The next step--building the community garden for Selfseeds--a sign up on the website for emails.  It feels like a remarkable opportunity to share the positive aspects of inhabiting the planet.  The sharing on the WH blog has been the inner journey of what lies inside my personal selfseed.

Daily Selfseed #2 Nutrition

Thank you for signing up for the regular contact to Selfseeds. As Heather and I (mostly Heather) are working through the bugs of launching the new site, thank you for letting us know what works and what doesn't! I am marveling at the technological world and how inviting it is even for someone only dealing with four legs and hair for a living.  2011 was the beginning of using a camera, creating iMovies, and sharing with a blog. As I begin this next level of commitment to Selfseeds, I have deep gratitude for a platform to share beauty, truth, and inspiration. I can have a twisted sense of humor and an intense point of focus/observation, so it will be fun to share both through this modern marvel of technology.

Give a shout out and let us know what we can improve or what you would like to see as a point to consider in the seed planting--it is a community garden!!

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