Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Integrity To Each Moment

What is uncovered in a walk.

In the meeting point with the horse and the friend, I noticed something new in the moment. In the space for the stillness there appeared to be a point of truth without form that all of the beings with form recognized.  It was a deeply felt moment and so striking that it lingered for days.  Now I am noticing that point in all moments.

It is as if each moment has some point that is truth and then what happens from that point is life. The stillness doesn't have time or space, but what follows does.  How far from that point the action takes place creates degrees of "scratchiness" and separation.

The new awareness appears to broaden the gap and make the point of separation more clear.  Separation from what one could ask? Source? Self as Source?

It is a little crazy making. No turning back? "No," appears to be the answer.  Moth to the light.. Escalator still moving...

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