Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back To The Earth World

Riding with friends on Mt. Diablo
The pain of the horse world led me to the mystic world and now the horse world appears to be leading me back to the earth world.  As I get out of my car at the stable where my horse lives, I have that feeling I experience while at the ashram.  My focus this time around has been staying in my heart with what consciousness I know while working with Jaz and others.  He is my portal and guide at the moment.

The horse mentor I am interviewing asked me if I had known any really special horses in my past.  While reflecting, I have known several, but Jaz has been my companion, mirror, challenge, and more during the past 9 years.  He is special because of what he has endured in my evolution and continues to allow me to evolve into with his extreme awareness as a horse.  While I teach and train again, I sometimes find myself taking action in an old pattern. The inner disturbance from it alerts me and I have a chance to refine or change what I would do now with the current theme. He is my living laboratory.

Even though the mystic realm feels deeper, I more fully recognize the remarkable connection the horses  provided for me to a deeper resonance.  I now understand that we all have different contacts to this universal fabric.  Mine just happens to be horses.  The voice appears and often unloads "thoughts" as I experienced sitting at Pahari Baba's shrine feet.  The shakti can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I am also finding that I can now ride, talk, and operate in that state.  

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