Friday, May 10, 2013

The Laundry Soap Game

Lesson plan still on fire. "Got it, no ocean for now.  Can you stay at peace while living on land?"  Sigh, my sense is that knowing about the ocean was the carrot on the stick to 'Keep On!' One thing I learned as a white, woman, walking (and wondering) is that the point is to go straight, no avoidances, keep swimming, and work with each new obstacle as it arises. There have been a few days of "Really!" But for now, back to swimming along the bank.

In this resignation to living on land (I did raise my hand for cave dwelling, monastery enlistment, and living under a tree with an animal), it appears that I have to get serious about living with the two legged.  Lots of ideas now, but how to really play the game?  The laundry soap game has appeared.  It is when two people can mutually discuss, problem solve, repeat, misunderstand, circle around, and discover that both were saying the same thing with very different words and not lose presence, patience, focus, or love.  The topic could be agreeing on what laundry soap needs to go in the fancy, new, front-loading washing machine, but the principles of p, p, f, l apply.

One of my original objectives was can I be in the presence of humans in the same capacity as nature and animals?  Now the bar is can I take action with humans in the same capacity as walking in nature and working with 4-leggeds?  I see where a lot of work exists, a lot of mistakes were made, and a glimmer of insight as to how to move towards this new objective.

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