Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Intense Terror

Birth and Rebirth
On the enneagram, I am a five which is a fear based number.  I don't really consider myself fearful, but every now and then shear terror arises. The trigger?  Dismantling more of the separation between spiritual life and just living life.  The "ashram bucket" and the "street bucket" are merging at yet another level.  The self is being out voted and responded with almost paralyzing terror.  The young child needed to make yet another desperate grab for doubting worthiness, sensing failure, and feeling inadequate.  It was more than a fleeting moment to examine these deeply rooted threads from childhood that have propelled my warrior side to push through.  The vulnerability in letting go of yet another veil stirred the self examination.

The markers of Divine presence and guidance happen almost daily.  Why the intense terror?  Is it the  ego searching for any toe hold as I "Let Go."

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