Friday, May 3, 2013

Taking Turns

When I experienced some of the deepest pain that I had known, (animal events in India), it felt like small fairy, insects would work to repair the rips in my soul fabric. The energy was very refined and without any disturbances.  As I grasped the fact that my birth parents were emailing to open the door a little bit farther, a flash of that very refined vibration shot through my heart and chest.  The energetic shifts and experiences are all so fascinating.  What is really happening and not just what we perceive from a very limited perspective. I was reminded that it was only "Day 4!"

A lot has happened in a very short amount of time. It feels like all 3 states of being are plugged in at high load levels.

As I was riding down the trail with a good friend, I was reflecting on what a privilege it is to be free to be in service to four such remarkable women at this time.  It is a time of stress for them, but a time of growth and beauty for me. We all take turns.

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