Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Deepest Personal Threads

Alcoholism, animal family, and a few other topics are my deepest threads that have woven in and out of my entire life as Sue. They have been the places of pain, despair, uncertainty, and change.  The Western Container is relevant for exposing the deep tendrils of their presence and to offer more opportunities for capacity building. The anguish and pain are still present, but they are tempered and diluted by the ever growing state of inner peace.  How different to visit these trigger points from this new perspective.  As I am discovering, the truth of the heart will not be denied.  It is the escalator and the magnetism for truth and love.  There continues to be opportunities to replace the old mantel of obscuration, but my heart is yelling, "No!"  While standing on the edge of what feels like a precipice for action, there is no going back now, only letting go into the unknown with my heart as the navigator.

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