Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ramakrishna Order in San Francisco

Entrance to Ramakrishna Order in San Francisco

The Streets of San Francisco while looking out to the bay.
I had an appointment with the Swami.  He was white, but familiarly dressed in an orange robe with an orange knit cap.  Such a kind, sweet being that embodied the quiet inward passion of his path to the Divine. It was so cool to hear the words that he chose to talk about that place inside of us that is unshakeable, formless, and saturated in Absolute Truth and Love.  He called it the soft rock. We were having a shared experience from a human spiritual point of view.

After over an hour of talking, the crucible dust from the conversation was that state of being is it. Once one is anchored in that awareness--the rest is only exterior details.  As we shared that place in silence, the tears welled up uncontrollably and I thanked him for being someone to articulate and share not only his beliefs but my freshly unveiled world.  I explained that it was very graciously exposed to me from two years of inner experiences directed from the feet of Gurudev and the Divine Genealogy.  He was glowing and kindly invited me to come again. The journey of the heart continues.

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