Saturday, December 6, 2014


Working within a petri dish of one hundred and fifty people is educational beyond the individuals. Upon returning to the work place, the environment was more "ashram like" with the reduction of sexual harassment, vulgarity, and bullying. Watching those ingredients slowly but steadily re-emerge into the work container and then to experience the axe falling for a second time to remind everyone of correct behavior. There was a palpable shift without even knowing the axe had fallen. How cool to sense and witness this ebb and flow of the evolutionary plane through a closed group of humans. Wow! One reads about this potential and leaders throughout history are inspired to take action for change, but the experience of it drives it all home.

It was initiated by one person raising her hand to question the ethics and morality of an action. It was followed by action through one person in the hierarchy who has the respect, power, and wisdom to act with effectiveness. It was followed up a second time by someone in the food chain who took action from the example set by the first person of action.

Incredible teaching and I am now a firm believer of how much change one person can effect without ego and from a place of love for Absolute Truth. Pranam.

Started rereading "Great Swan". Sigh! How beautiful and inspiring. 

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