Saturday, December 20, 2014


This is my first personal contact with this Being. I would see him daily on display at the ashram, read about him, and contemplate his life as a householder. How lovely to feel his presence while walking the householder path. 
Will I ever get over being surprised by unexpected visits from the Masters on my forehead screen? While taking an extended moment to sink into the inner world as I sat between delivering boxes at a feverish pitch, that can only be brought on by the holiday season, three of the Masters presented their ever present supportive selves. Wow! A constant reminder of just how thin the veil is. Grace.

Starting to get a feel for diffusing the story and history between two beings. Even one person letting go of the past and returning to a state of open presence is enough to help shift the script we keep wanting to latch on to. I am finding peace and joy with this journey of the two-legged.

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