Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Prize

The Prize
No expectation vs. expectation. Learning from the stream of participants at the failr. People play for the reward and are often disappointed. Rarely playing for the experience of playing or satisfied with that aspect first and then a prize becomes is a bonus. Looking for a reward. Is this the thread to greed? Desire? And more which creates a clear objective or obstacle course for the participant. Incredible opportunity to examine human desire and expectation from such a simplistic level.  To observe it in children and in adults. The seed of suffering from the point of the mind?  

Working for something creates an expectation. Working in chaos stimulates a diversity of human reactions. Loading boxes at high speed and accuracy is not for the faint of heart. To live in the eye of the hurricane for a few hours every morning and then to step out. Life training?

How different to follow directions then to create a direction. 

Witnessed a few different moments of heartfelt human behavior that brought tears to my eyes and a sense of such exquisite inner beauty with a few of the fair participants.

Next door booth
View from the booth
Small change and how different the view becomes.

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