Friday, August 1, 2014


Humans come in such diverse capsules.

Humans often have conversations from two talking points. Training horses teaches one to find the middle ground.

Experiencing humans under stress.  They act out in various ways.  Horses under stress act out in various ways.  

Where to be in the presence of human stress?  In my self cave. 

Living without any places to hide in addiction or "band aiding choices"  leaves me no where to escape the flow of outer life. Deal with it all as it moves as my path. With the overall living environment being less stressful physically, it would be much easier to coast and not continue with the self inquiry.  

Not so unexpectedly, I am learning daily with the two new work environments of UPS and the local county fair.  I see the opportunity for distraction, but it is co clear once again that it is my choice wether or not I take the bait and lose contact to the self cave. 

What place, thing, person, or event is worthy beyond the Oneness to pull me into the illusion? There is a choice, but the unpleasant feeling of separation is a quick, clear reminder to not lose focus. More clarity from the new challenges of being pulled to move outwardly and the choices we truly have. What would take me away from the self cave now?

Are boundaries necessary when it is all One?  Examination of the two bucket system and how it integrates into one again. When the need for a boundary appears, is this the clear junction of oneness and separation or is this part of the illusion as well?  Is there a difference between creating boundaries from a point of oneness vs. creating boundaries from a point of the ego?

The body and mind as the outer capsule of the soul's path.

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