Tuesday, August 12, 2014


How does one truly view one’s self? Learning that the only view which is important is the view from the depth of my spiritual heart. Living from a context of honesty, compassion, patience, love, integrity, truth, and kindness appears to be the outer manifestation of one's inner alignment to true nature. Working in a new environment, I see more clearly that this is what matters. 

Learning that my perception of myself is often much harsher than my outer world perception. I give myself a low grade at my new job while my supervisors are complimentary. Another opportunity to examine a facet of myself and a place of separation from my truth. How easy it is to plant a seed of judgement… 

Learning about the edges of human reactions and boundaries. If I move to the inner recognition of the formless, I don’t provide a contact point for someone to manipulate or react off of.  The expansiveness has no edge.  An unspoken offering of peace. an unbound state of being to share in the presence of others, and a touchstone to what is the essence of the manifested. The moth to the flame. The form to the spirit. How beautifully the material world provides a reflection form which to learn about one’s true self. 

The spiritual path continues relentlessly unfolding, pulling, plunging, and voraciously consuming the falsehoods of my perceptions.

My plan is to return to India in February. 

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