Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Edge of the Veil Is Almost Undetectable

Wine Country in the Fall, Sonoma County

As I offer myself to the surrender pile again with an inkling of a direction, but no path in sight--a bread crumb appears at my feet.  Grace?  My birth mother shares the story of my birth in her circle.  Her courage helps heal a wound so deep that the edge of the veil is almost undetectable.  A mental construction for the story of rejection is shifted--more light penetrates the mantel I wear as a warrior. The tears are from my human heart, since the mental, physical, and spiritual are all part of the human experience--thank you!

The sense of an umbilical chord to my heart has appeared the past week.  It is the same sense I felt in the final days at the ashram.  An energetic bridge is opening again?  More grace.

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