Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Being To Doing And Back

Nothing like spending 6 days examining the transition from being to doing and back to transform one's life.  Mine will never be the same.

The focal point of the pilot retreat was to develop awareness and mindfulness through making transitions from being to doing and back while working with the horse as a mirror.  Both Karen and I teach from our hearts and with attention to detail, but this focal point was different. No expectations was our status and we did our best to stay in the presence of stillness that a horse emanates while quietly grazing.

Not sure if the pilot retreat wasn't more for my own personal growth than the dozen or so people involved as participants.  Three days were spent pounding out the material with a lazar focus on truth and love in the resonance of words, actions, and intentions. I have never experienced such seamless collaboration.  Zero lint was created while collaborating on the life's walk of two intense horse people.

We weren't sure the retreat topic was possible or relevant to focus on, but we decided to try.  In the past, I was aware of the point of separation between horse and rider, but I used it as a marker to develop technical abilities instead of an opportunity to examine stillness. The horses responded immediately. To watch and articulate awareness at this level was amazing--hanging out in the "gap" instead of prioritizing doing was transformative.

While reflecting the day after the 6 days, I observed a new texture to my doing; it was being.  Words are so limiting, but the idea of walking on a river instead of getting pulled into it was comprehended at a new level.  The new texture hasn't left and there doesn't appear to be a reason for why it should.  A new beginning...

(Bozeman, MT  short video)

Thank you Montana, Karen, and the participants for a life changing event.

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