Friday, September 13, 2013

Rereading the Bhagavad Gita

Thank you dear friend for loaning me another version of the Gita.  How lovely to submerge my mind in such wisdom and my inner being in such truth.  It makes me realize how far outside I live from this place and how much there is to let go of.  I was recently reflecting that my relationship to horses has shifted a lot, but my outer reaction feels somewhat mechanical because of the limits of the body's reactions.  I see Sue walking through life, making mistakes, learning, growing, and the deepest inner place waits patiently--like a loving parent of a child.  The outer world often judges, blames, and criticizes; I quietly try to remove myself from this practice, but still fall hard in moments of egoic outbursts.  The reading is soothing, quieting, and stilling, but the ladling from two buckets continues.

My resistance to the two-legged world has shifted. It is more complex, but doesn't need to be placed on the second shelf now. There is an easing in breathing with this shift, but to be in the presence of the four-legged, winged, finned, scaled, etc. is always dear to my heart.  Thank you Gurudev, Pahari Baba, and all of the Beings who have aided me in this shift--the tears fall through my eyes but from my heart.

Recovering steadily from the accident and have immense gratitude for this return.  The teaching on so many levels is remarkable.

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