Sunday, September 29, 2013

Check Marks

Check marks by many aspects of my time in America and items on the list before I head out again. The white board is ready for new lesson plans even though I have plenty to work with daily.  The spiral staircase has been thorough.

To watch my mother open and embrace the changes in life's path at 85 is inspiring and a notable lesson.  It is never too late for change. The family is noting her radiance.

The interview of a mentor is growing to a natural point of completion.

My friend's shoulder has mended beyond the range of motion of the other. The horse is jumping and the door is opening to the dream.

Reconnected with parts of the family I have not seen in 10 years.  Very welcoming and loving.

Jaz is healing and has the perfect caretaker.

The new car will help a friend while I am away.

Items securely stored away.

My recovery has been smooth and steady. The dizziness is even beginning to subside.

Electronics in good order for travel, photography, and communication.

The inner realm is quietly observing and waiting while the stage props prepare to change.

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