Saturday, September 21, 2013

Courage in Aging

Interesting to look through the lens of an aging mother (85) who is walking 24 hours after hip replacement surgery.  She cares for the house and garden and it motivates her to stay active, fit, and engaged in life.  She never thought she would be using a cane or a walker, but she knows she is fortunate that it is temporary.  The pain and inability to garden and climb on the roof to clean leaves out of the rain gutters motivated her to embrace surgery. All of the ways we are propelled to step towards the fire.

Reflecting on my inevitability of aging. Yet another turn in the life cycle.  On day two, the physical therapist told her not to be too good at her exercises or they would send her home instead of the rehabilitation facility. Thank you for a glimpse of the warrior spirit in all stages of life.

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