Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Human Decency In Spite Of Whatever The World Is Dishing Out

Becoming aware of a profound state of self (Self?) and relationship to others.  My highest state of "right action" was always in regard to animals and nature; humans, they could fend for themselves. Now, I see that gap has given my ego an opening to separate from my deepest inner self.  "Right thought, right intention, right action etc." all have to be in alignment with the integrity of the soul's intention and with whatever contact is made to life --inward or outward. Obvious?  

I was examining some lint I was sensing regarding two of my dearest friends.  We all have decent human intentions, but we still fall from "right action."  Sometimes this is easier to see in others than in one's self.  Learning that if my attention is getting drawn to anything outwardly then I need to look at my part in it. The words have translated to a deeper sense of accountability, responsibility, and integrity for "right" action. (And yes, right action could be a discussion in itself due to the limits of the person taking action.)

Interviewing a wise friend/mentor, observing relationships, reflecting on the current state of loss/injury/separation, and living with vulnerability/unknowing have inspired this new state of awareness. "Out of the darkness grows the light." 

Is there anything more important than human decency in spite of whatever the world is dishing out?  Serious homework.  My self assigned homework that received a nod from Gurudev was another stepping stone/marker on the path.

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