Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Animals As The Bridge

A transformative piece revisited. Thank you HIS. Thank you India.
As the separation from True Nature appears to come and go, it is fascinating to experience where the gap becomes narrowed and how the awareness moves into more variations of life.  Meditation, reflection on spirituality, memories of spiritual experiences/people, and discussions appear to trigger the narrowing of the gap or complete emersion.  For me, It is alway present while in the presence of horses. A new bridge is experiencing It with people who are deeply connected to the spiritual path and animals. While discussing animals with the intention of the depth of presence experienced with spiritual presence--It pervades the space. The pool of presence in the wake state is widening and the gap to a consistent state of presence is narrowing.

Inner peace feels like a form of ego vibration compared to this new state emerging.  Maybe it is the refinement of what inner peace is?  Progress in riding is often based on refining the basics.  Some people view it as a regression, but I experience it as going more deeply into the purity of what is behind all actions.  The first few days held some apprehension, but that has already dissolved to a childlike wonderment of what is possible, beyond--the escalator is humming again. The shakti can be almost drowning, but I recognize the transformative texture--personal, inward, and ecstatic.

The outer opportunities are becoming clearer lesson plans for the inner expansion and dissolving of fixations.

The spiritual animal group recognizes their role as a bridge to consciousness through the animal's as teachers.  This may be my role too, but I am learning from their role at this point. Thank you.

There is some sadness from stepping away from my daily contact with Jaz. He has been a remarkable touchstone whether in his direct presence or away. Hmmm--sounds like some other touchstone I know... Nice to experience the human emotions as part of the fun of sensory input instead of as pure pain.

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