Monday, August 12, 2013

Different Perspective

Waiting for a CAT scan

Nothing like a car accident to give one a change of perspective.   Nice results, only 2 cracked neck vertebrae wings and a very bruised body.  We know life can change in a moment, so interesting to touch that every now and then.  Could have been life changing instead of a pause.  Sent home the same day and the other driver is okay too.  We had both been driving at 45 mph in opposite directions, he reached down to get his GPS, his car turned in front of mine... There was a very surreal moment to see a car at a 90 degree angle in front of me.

It was beautiful to experience all of the care offered by everyone.  Thank you!!!  Many tears of gratitude.  I spent some time very quietly, sitting in the essence of the ashram, and amazing to feel the shakti move through the two halves of my body.

Resting for a few days.  Cathy is riding her horse again and my horse is in the hands of a very capable caretaker, so the timing was good. The people at the hospital said it was really helpful that I am in good condition.  I wonder if football players feel like this the morning after the game?

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