Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!
Stepping out of one's environment is always a useful way to examine one's self. Working for two months on a quiet mind, no thought, and consciously aligning with the Divine's Vibration has created a sense of emptiness within the walls of my mind. Details are a blur and I am needing to move the elevator up a few layers to function on the more common human frequency. I can ride and teach from the place created in India, the horses have no problem following my conversation, and so far, no one has noticed this state of "emptiness" that I am living from. It is as if I can say, "Humans, whatever..." with just a momentary pause and then move forward through the vibration of what is the truth.

The backdrop for where I work now is surreal with the open sky and amazing mountains. Absolute beauty. (Pictures will follow soon.) How to photograph this breathtaking view...

I don't have a place to live yet, but I am staying in a very nice temporary situation. What I have to bring to the group with technique and experience appears to be very useful and positive. I like the idea of settling down with a home base, so this may be it. We are discussing how to grow my position into a full time one instead of seasonal. No conflict to return to India for a few months either.

Nador arrived today. It will be a stellar environment for him to live and for me to develop his talents.

Grace for all of it. Good students, good horses, a very, very nice boss who is very, very down to earth,  potential to share a clear, effective system for training the horse and rider, and a way to start replenishing my bank account for more financial stability.

My current living sense inside developed from understanding the past four years of spiritual inquiry and examination is profound. Living from a dream state, but with the guidance of my True Nature. 

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