Friday, January 8, 2016

Apex Revisited

The lesson plan appears to be revisiting the apex of the pain which sent me to India. While acting as a ring steward at the local dressage show, I was standing in the activation point for my questioning of humanity. Familiar and surreal. The external is the same, the internal is very, very different. My sensitivity for the horses is still very present and even more so, but my acceptance of the human part has much less disturbance. How do the horses with over bent necks, strong bits, over tight nose bands, some with hair rubbed off from spurs and busy legs, and more compare to the street dogs, beating of elephants between their ears, camel's with bleeding nose plugs, and more? A sensitivity not unlike the awareness from deep meditation, but at least no blacking out and falling to my knees.

Very grateful for my current work environment and the understanding/interest for what I do. Nador is making nice progress. Selfseeds on track for a Sunday sharing. Might have a place to live. Snow on the mountains was really beautiful. The inner depth often still leads me by the hand to emptiness and forgetfulness. Fun!

Date tree
Ladders for harvesting
Walking in Indio

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