Monday, January 18, 2016

Have's and Have Nots

A class system replaces a caste system. A large population of hispanics support the uber wealthy lifestyles of the seasonal, local population through gardening, house cleaning, agriculture, etc. As I was hand walking Nador around the ranch's track, a group of young children were jumping and running behind the fabric and chain link fence separating the ranch from the Hispanic laborer's house. When I stopped to let Nador digest the situation, they lifted the fabric and grew quite excited to see a horse standing on the other side. They asked to pet him, so I edged him up to the fence so their little hands could reach through the chain link, one tiny girl climbed up the fence, a brother lifted his younger sister, and they were so happy to touch the horse and ask questions. Nador was a perfect gentleman and excepted the situation as an ambassador. As I turned to walk away, the depth of tears that I have only known in India arose: love that is expressed outwardly from the depths of True Nature. Thank you and once again the horse was a point on the triangle to remind me of the Truth.

I had been wobbling a bit as I am introduced to the owners of the opulent estates and taken on tours; homework in the bandwidth of opulence. To the eye, it is orderly and decorative: to the spiritual heart it is austere. Thank you Universe for letting me touch the raw truth of India in Indio. My heart needed a cracking open as a reminder of what is important. Gurudev had encouraged me to look for this state globally.

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