Monday, October 27, 2014


Sometimes I giggle at what a simpleton I am. I was pondering why the expansive state of stillness, love, and truth as the individuated soul is so peaceful. It is beyond the mind, so there are no thoughts/disturbances and only an observer.  My mind has been waiting for an access point to emerge with some contact to this state where it is disengaged/jobless. Identifying the why with words is probably the only job description it will find. Giggle.

Interesting to sense the depth and ease that I connected with my birth mother. Is this what people feel at the core essence of the mother/child relationship:  a spiritual passenger inside the womb of a spiritual being, so the bond is through all planes of spirit, mind, and matter.  As I sit with this amazing spiritual state of inner peace, it feels familiar as I reflect on some new deep awareness I have from making the connection with my birth mother. As a form in gestation, one knows the form without thought and with the observer.

Intriguing reflection on a past meditation image that arose with me in a womb inside of Gurudev and he then turned into the Virgin Mary. It was startling at the time, but now there is something in the texture that is shared with my birth mother. A felt sense beyond the mind. Quite tranquil and profound.

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