Sunday, October 26, 2014

Diwali From Afar

Diwali-photo from a friend
As I prepare to send a note to Gurudev, it is amazing the depths it takes me to. Another veil that is in place while not living in his presence. Is this necessary? It wasn't appropriate to sink to the ground with streaming tears in India, so I am thinking it is the same in America. Meditation has taken me to the place where Gurudev had said it isn't appropriate to go while in public. Another part of the learning curve. Signs that my spiritual awareness in training is coming into alignment with what I experienced at the feet of the Master? Grace.

There is "pain" but it is felt in the isolation as a two-legged walking in the Earth's Insanity Plan and now knowing there is so much more. Watching others spiral, falling, twirling, and more without the knowing--their pain holds them captive. My pain reminds me to open to the truth of who I am as an individuated soul: stillness, peace, freedom, wisdom, and love. Grace.

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