Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Is Living?

Midwest USA
What constitutes living?  The night I walked away from my father’s hospital bed on what ended up being his final day on Earth, I remember the words, “live life while you can,” coming to mind.  Almost a dozen years later, I ask, what does that actually mean?  Having the privilege to meet a group of friends and family members who are in their eighties and approaching nineties, I listen, observe, and ponder the question of life and what that represents for each being in the diversity of living states. I can only live my own life, so is it walking in alignment to this growing inner state of awareness and moving with the form through the experiences and requirements that arise? Tasting, sampling, and having fun with all of the opportunities the Earth plan offers? 

Stories and memories appear to be what is left towards the end until the mind even loses this connection to one's history. Which expires first--the mind or the body?

Stayed here over 30 years ago with my horse, 1982.

Spring--31 year old mule who won the President's Cup. Living in retirement now. 

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