Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Vocabulary Words For Me To Consider Post Reading

magnetic pull = Living a life of feeling like my shoelace is caught in an escalator

sheath (more utilitarian as a point of separation rather than a feeling of hiding something)  = veil

electrical construction of positive and negative atoms that constitute form--human version = lint screen

liberation (a point of freedom at some point on the path) = enlightenment

Candles in the Krishna Temple-Vrindavan

Monday night fly to New Delhi via Germany.  Delhi Wednesday morning.  Bus to Jaipur.  Digesting the adjustment and my strategy to not to accumulate lint.  The "magnetic pull" is massive.  Now that the return path is in motion, I had a moment to sit with just that inner sense.  An hour of streaming tears was the unrestricted response--such a deeper vibration of love and peace.

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