Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bobbing In The Ocean

I have been here before, but this time, everything is different:  land is not in sight, the bottom is undetectable, there are no markers, I am alone, I have an awareness of the unknown, the water is comfortable, the waves are rhythmical/soothing, no urgency, no sense of direction, there is light, and what is needed appears.  Exploring the new capacity for being.  Embracing the unknown.  Keep breathing. Go deeper into trust, acceptance, and presence. "Let Go!" Let go in a way that I don't even know.

Gurudev is taking a two week retreat, so I decided to stay Stateside a little longer.  The extra time has allowed me to dive into some homework that is proving to be intense. My hard wiring is always pushing me to prepare for the return to the teacher, Master, or Guru. Homework that is suggested or appears to be part of the path.  The wisdom and insight raining down has been stunning.  Jai Ma

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