Sunday, July 15, 2012

Humility and Gratitude

A very special photo sent to me that unfortunately I don't know the creator.

Thank you Mataji, Bhavani, and Narayana Baba for the continued guidance and homework on this long and winding path of spiritual evolution.  The vastness, subtlety, depth, mystery, uniqueness, and more are to be examined with such humility and gratitude for the tools in awakening consciousness. It often feels like I am holding onto a thick rope that is tied to a large hot air balloon, the hot air balloon is moving and ascending into the sky, and I am running along the Earth surface trying to keep up with something that is going to take off in a way that I will need to be reinvented.  The escalator with my shoelace caught in it is expanding into a new dimension.  The invisible pull is towards something unknown, but there is a deep knowing of the unknown. Absolute Truth and Love continue to be the field and the markers.

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