Friday, August 4, 2017

Better Understanding the Scale

Walking in the hills amongst the quintas.
Walking in Lisbon before sunrise.

Interesting setting to train a young horse.
Queluz Palace

Waiting for the performance at the Portuguese Riding School. Alter Real

There is something remarkable in working with Masters that set the bar so high that one can only get a humble glimpse of where the path might lead. Of course, Gurudev represents this in India, but now I have a living, breathing example of this in the horse world. Questions that others have not been able to answer or would not touch, this living Master answers with wisdom, depth, and simplicity. Grace. It is reinvigorating me to ride and move toward another level. Looking back, six years is a very short amount of time to better understand the scale of spirituality and dressage training. Gurudev had said they are similar and now I better understand that statement as well. 

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