Friday, December 23, 2016

Check Mark Or A New Opening

Riding involves a circle of aids (seat, legs, and hands) for it to work harmoniously with the horse. I have dedicated my life to finding a humane way for this to operate between horse and rider. Today, after a year of riding/teaching at Tahquitz, I was able to convey the final piece of this information for the foundation of riding to a professional who has dedicated her life to trying to find a kind way with horses. It was a remarkable moment for both of us. She could feel and understand the freedom it allows the horse within the circle of the aids. Now, I am clear that the madness that has been consuming me is possible to create in the horse and through a student. Our life works intersected to create a transitional moment for both of us. For me, it is a big check mark which could end in completion or a new opening. The depth in the morning sitting gives me the patience to accept not knowing, but to just keep a steady rhythm while paddling in the river.

Part of my morning inner work is to invite a horse into my deeper awareness. I have no idea how it is going to manifest, but this morning, someone nudged me. Not sure who, but it took me by surprise.

I still follow international news and politics. A lot is going on is an understatement and a lot is up in the air is equally an understatement. Homework for walking in inner peace is plentiful. Living such a blessed life, but it takes self discipline and grace.

Holiday Cheer!

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