Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wifi Extraordinaire

Walking through the elephant corridor
It appears to always bring about laughter when I fact check my "Eastern" experiences through my "Western" vocabulary.  Meditation practice--living from an ever changing inner vibration (yes, capacity building). The inner vibration periodically gets shifted, a vision is posted on the tv screen between my eyes, or some other contact is revealed, but this is grace (there is no way I would know how to personally direct this evolution). Visiting the ashram--no doubt it is the wifi hotspot extraordinaire. Continues to shock me every time I experience it. Destiny--yes, with much laughter. If I was an alcoholic, I would be considered drunk. Fact checking always helps me to let go of more mental construction, once I understand. The futility of knowing is growing, so I am left with gratitude and an inner resonance as the ground from which to walk on the path. "No, I am not crazy," and a head nod to the point to continue. Pranam and the tears from the depths well up.

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